Food and nano-food within the Chinese regulatory system: no need to have overregulation.Less physicality can produce more power.


  • Margherita Poto


The article aims at presenting a comparative analysis of food safety regulatory systems in the People's Republic of China and in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (hereinafter: HK). S such comparison is useful considering the central role played by HK in opening a window towards toward the trends of the international community, even in food law development.

In both systems we may find different attempts to implement good governance tools, such as a coordinated set of principles governing food law in China and a strong network of regulatory bodies willing to implement food safety standards and principles in HK. These attempts constitute a good basis also for the regulation of nanotechnologies applied to food science. The second part of the article aims at comparing the state of the art both of Mainland and HK  and their potentialities to welcome nano-food within their regulatory framework.






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