Children’s Rights to Privacy and Data Protection Around the World: Challenges in the Digital Realm


  • Ingrida Milkaite
  • Eva Lievens


It has been claimed that an estimated one in three of all Internet users in the world today is below the age of 18 (Livingstone S. et al., 2015; UNICEF, 2017). Digital technologies can provide all children with more information, education, new opportunities and can be a game-changer for children in less developed countries. However, the 2017 UNICEF report on ‘Children in a digital world’ has revealed that many children from different parts of the world are still not connected to the internet confirming that the digital divide still is a reality (UNICEF, 2017). As research demonstrates that developmental challenges faced by certain regions or countries might have a negative impact on the protection of children’s rights overall (Livingstone S, 2014; UNICEF, 2017), questions arise as to what extent children throughout the world can exercise their rights in today’s increasingly digital society.






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