ICT for Networking Research and Education Communities around Europe: towards an ontology-based model for a collaborative platform of European law.


  • Daniela Tiscornia ITTIG CNR
  • Piercarlo Rossi University of Piemonte Orientale


This paper aims at providing an ontology based model for the creation of a collaborative platform to improve knowledge transfer between research outcomes and educational resources related to European law. The objective of the article is to examine the legal background and the methodological issues related to the modelling of knowledge of European law that constitute the backbone on which the technical aspects of the collaborative platform are built. The first part of the article highlights the role of ICT for the Europeanization of law, supporting the foundation of a European common legal discourse. The second describes the ontology based model, considering both theoretical issues and applicative solutions for the collaborative platform.

Author Biographies

Daniela Tiscornia, ITTIG CNR

Director of research

Piercarlo Rossi, University of Piemonte Orientale

Assistant Professor of Comparative Law






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