The value of analogue educational tools in a digital educational environment


  • Andrew Douglas Murray London School of Economics


There is a powerful rhetoric in all aspects of tertiary education today in favour of the adoption of, and increased role for, digital platforms and virtual learning environments in the design of course curricula. We are told that these tools will have a transformative effect and will lead to a blended learning experience. This paper argues that these platforms may not be the panacea suggested, and may in fact lead to a conflict of pedagogical values between local vocational, or Shulman, values and the wider pedagogical values behind the design of the platform or VLE. Using as a case study an alternative, analogue, supplementary educational platform used in the Cyberlaw class at the London School of Economics in 2013/14, the author argues that pedagogy, and indeed andragogy, must drive curriculum design not the availability of technology platforms or their adoption at institutional level.


Keywords: Legal Education; Pedagogy; Andragogy; Blended Learning; Digital Platforms; Course Design


Author Biography

Andrew Douglas Murray, London School of Economics

Professor of Law, London School of Economics.