The role of digital flashcards in legal education: theory and potential


  • Stephen Colbran CQUniversity
  • Anthony Gilding LaTrobe University
  • Samuel Colbran University of Queensland


This article describes, evaluates and reflects upon the potential use of digital flashcards in legal education using traditional cards expressed in digital format and more interactive flashcards taking advantage of rich media and Web 2.0 technologies. A taxonomy of digital flashcards is developed together with a discussion on how they may be used in legal education. An analysis of where digital flashcards sit within the HoTel, Biggs and Tang SOLO and Atkinson SOLE learning theory frameworks is presented. A new free cloud-based flashcard tool, FlashCram is outlined enabling the easy assembly and sharing of digital flashcards. The article concludes by showing how the traditional flashcard may be reinvented in the digital age into a useful tool for legal education.

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