Technical Rules and Legal Rules in Online Virtual Worlds


  • Vytautas Čyras Vilnius University
  • Friedrich Lachmayer University of Innsbruck


The paper presents a reflection on a legal framework of a three-dimensional virtual world. Here visualisation and symbolisation precede formalisation on the way to construction and legal knowledge representation. Thus the visualisation of virtual world issues can have a favourable effect on modelling, formal representation and implementation. The paper also identifies a legal informatics approach which is worded "From rules in law to rules in artefact". The rules are divided into classes, such as legal, technical, professional, reputation, etc. The modes of effect of rules are distinguished, too. The differences of the technical rules and the legal rules are in the focus. The development tackles a virtual world platform within the FP7 VirtualLife project, which pursues the goal to create a secure and legally ruled collaboration environment.

Author Biographies

Vytautas Čyras, Vilnius University

Department of Software Engineering

Associate Professor

Friedrich Lachmayer, University of Innsbruck

Faculty of Law







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