Online Gambling: Gambling with Regulation


  • Abhilash Nair Northumbria University


In light of the myriad of regulatory challenges posed by the increasing availability of online gambling websites, there have, in recent years, been numerous calls for the reform of gambling regulation. This article explores certain key issues and regulatory challenges posed by online gambling from a UK and wider European perspective, with particular focus on the risks such activity poses in respect of children and young people. The article identifies the special characteristics of online gambling from a cross-disciplinary perspective, and stresses the need for protecting children and young people from the dangers of online and problem gambling. The article argues that, instead of piecemeal provision, what is needed is action which addresses the issues through the adoption of a robust, holistic approach that includes legal, social, and policy considerations, and advocates the use of technology in order to find an effective solution to protecting children and young people from the potential risks of online and problem gambling.

Keywords: Gambling, Internet, Children, Young people, Regulation






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