Copyright and Movements of Access: Business is Business, but Friends are Friends


  • Angela Kretschmann UNISINOS -


This article aims to discuss the role that copyright plays in movements of free access, and vice versa. The doctrine has appointed, on of them, for example, the Open Access, as a new rule needed to be built into the copyright. How the movements searching for free access to copyrighted works can influence or transform the current regulation, statements and understanding of copyright extension? Moreover, the question must also be answered from the viewpoint of copyright itself, in the sense of what it can do for the fight for access, like Open Access: improve, strengthen, undermine or weaken the access?

This gives rise to disputes between competing interests, being necessary to understand the dimension and the possibility of copyright really being influenced or even maybe integrated by the movements of free access to copyrighted works. On this way it also focuses in the information access and the battle for independence of the universal access besides some reluctance of governments and economic industries which want to control the access, and transform, not only the information but also the access, in a consumer product.






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