Vol 10, No 1 (2019)

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Editorial HTML PDF
Abbe Brown

Refereed Articles

Children’s Rights to Privacy and Data Protection Around the World: Challenges in the Digital Realm HTML PDF
Ingrida Milkaite, Eva Lievens
No Contradiction Between Cyber-Security and Data Protection? Designing a Data Protecton Compliant Incident Response System HTML PDF
Stephanie von Maltzan
Health Apps, their Privacy Policies and the GDPR HTML PDF
Trix Mulder
Scoping Personal Data: Towards a Nuanced Interpretation of the Material Scope of EU Data Protecton Law HTML PDF
Lorenzo Dalla Corte
Mass Surveillance, Predictive Policing and the Implementation of the CJEU and ECtHR Requirement of Objectivity HTML PDF
Plixavra Vogiatzoglou
De-camouflaging Chameleons: Requiring Transparency for Consumer Protecton in the Internet of Things HTML PDF
Rónán Kennedy
Self-made Data Protection – is it Enough? Prevention and After-care of Identity Theft HTML PDF
Oliver Vettermann
Rethinking the “release and forget” Ethos of the Freedom of Information Act 2000: Why Developments in the Field of Anonymisaton Necessitate the Development of a New Approach to Disclosing Data HTML PDF
Henry Pearce, Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon
Open and Fair Trial in the Social Media Era – An Insurmountable Conflict or an Emerging Opportunity? HTML PDF
Lamprini Georgiou, Burkhard Schafer
Towards a Legal Qualification of Online Sexual Acts in which Children are Involved: Constructing a Typology HTML PDF
Argyro Chatzinikolaou, Eva Lievens
Artificial Intelligence as a New Challenge for Software Law HTML PDF
Dominika Galajdová
Artificial Intelligence: A Creative Player in the Game of Copyright HTML PDF
Jan Zibner
Copyright Law Challenges of Preservation of "born-digital" Digital Content as Cultural Heritage HTML PDF
Michal Koščík, Matěj Myška

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