Vol 3, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Special Issue

Editorial: BILETA Conference Edition HTML
Catherine Easton

Refereed Articles

Three songs and you are disconnected from cyberspace??? Not in Germany where the industry may ‘turn piracy into profit’ HTML PDF
Sandra Schmitz, Thorsten Ries
The Three Strikes And You Are Out Challenge HTML PDF
Felipe Romero Moreno
The Prospect of Social Norms as a Governing Mechanism of Virtual Worlds HTML PDF
Long Long
Privacy in Cyberworld: Why Lock the Gate After the Horse Has Bolted? HTML PDF
Lisa Hannah Collingwood
From Archie to Google:Search engine providers and emergent challenges in relation to EU competition law HTML PDF
Aysem Diker Vanberg
ONLINE ARCHIVES: Finding a Common Ground in the Quicksand of Online Defamation Developments. HTML PDF
Lawrence Siry, Sandra Schmitz
Employing a Classroom Response System to Teach Law: A Case Study HTML PDF
Catherine Easton
Human versus Inalienable Rights: Is there still a future for online protest in the Anonymous world? HTML PDF
Martina Colette Gillen


MMORPGing - The Legalities of Game Play HTML PDF
Kim Barker
Name Suppression Orders and Web 2.0 Media: the New Zealand Experience HTML PDF
Jonathan Barrett
Copyright enforcement measures: the role of the ISPs and the respect of the principle of proportionality HTML PDF
Alexandra Giannopoulou
A study to define the international guidelines of ethics concerning electronic medical data HTML PDF
Mohammed Jawad, Elsa Butrous, Benjamin Faber, Chandni Gupta, Christopher Haggart, Sager Patel

Bileta Consultation Papers

New conversations: the BILETA and Information Technology Think Tank collaborative consultation response programme HTML PDF
Abbe Brown, Phoebe Hung Li
Response to the consultation by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills regarding its proposals for implementing the revised EU Electronic Communications Framework HTML PDF
Chris Marsden, Judith Rauhofer
Response to the consultation by the Home Office regarding its proposals amend the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 to address deficiencies identified by the European Commission HTML PDF
Judith Rauhofer
Response to Digital Agenda for Europe: Electronic identification, authentication and signatures in the European digital single market Public consultation HTML PDF
Stephen Mason, Michael Bromby
Response to the consultation by the Judicial Office for England and Wales on the Use of Live, Text‐Based Forms of Communications from Court for the Purposes of Fair and Accurate Reporting HTML PDF
Michael Bromby
Response to the consultation by the Ministry of Justice on the Draft Defamation Bill HTML PDF
Gavin Sutter
Response to the Consultation ‘Regulating On-line Gambling in the EU: Recent Developments and Current Challenges from the Internal Market Standpoint’ HTML PDF
Abhilash Nair, Dinusha Mendis
Response to the Government consultation “A Communications Review for the Digital Age” HTML PDF
Catherine Easton
Response to EU Commission Public Consultation on Cloud Computing HTML PDF
Karen Mc Cullagh
Response to the consultation by the Body of European Regulators in Electronic Communications BEREC on Net Neutrality Policy HTML PDF
Joseph Savirimuthu

ISSN: 2042-115X