A study to define the international guidelines of ethics concerning electronic medical data


  • Mohammed Jawad Imperial College London
  • Elsa Butrous Imperial College London
  • Benjamin Faber Imperial College London
  • Chandni Gupta Imperial College London
  • Christopher Haggart Imperial College London
  • Sager Patel Imperial College London


There has been a global increase in the use of information systems, with a growing amount of electronic data being collected, stored, processed, manipulated, transferred and distributed (these being the four domains of usage). Medical data is no exception, with the explosion of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and healthcare data mining being key examples. Such activities have created an array of ethical dilemmas concerning the use of Electronic Medical Data (EMD). A preliminary literature review revealed a lack of universal, international and conclusive set of ethical guidelines pertaining to these domains of EMD. The following literature review helps fill this void by creating such a set of ethical guidelines.