European Journal of Law and Technology


The European Journal of Law and Technology (EJLT) is a REFEREED open access journal focusing on issues of law and technology in a European context.

EJLT was previously published as The Journal of Law, Information and Technology (JILT) which issues are available here.

Vol 6, No 3 (2015)

Table of Contents


Editorial HTML PDF
Paul Maharg

Refereed Articles

Developing regimes and mobile telecoms regulation in the twenty-first century: who makes the call? HTML PDF
Bruce Wardhaugh
The consolidation process of the EU regulatory framework on nanotechnologies: within and beyond the EU case-by-case approach HTML PDF
Daniele Ruggiu
Universities need to teach business students about patents: a suggested approach HTML PDF
Helen Gubby
Cybersecurity: Protection of Critical Information Infrastructures and Operators’ Obligations HTML PDF
Antonio Segura-Serrano


Protecting user privacy in the Cloud: an analysis of terms of service HTML PDF
Konstantinos Stylianou, Jamila Venturini, Nicolo Zingales

ISSN: 2042-115X