Welcome to the third and final issue of 2018 of the European Journal of Law and Technology. In this issue, we present three research articles and a book review.

In the first article, 'The Price Is (Not) Right: Data Protection and Discrimination in the Age of Pricing Algorithms', Laura Drechsler and Juan Carlos Benito Sanchez examine the level of protection offered to individuals against price-discriminatory practices, aided by the algorithmic matching of customers with the highest price that they are willing to pay. The article is interesting and unique in that it combines the protections offered under two separate, but nonetheless inter-related areas of law, i.e., data protection and anti-discrimination laws. The paper undoubtedly makes a pleasing contribution to the scholarship in this area.

In our second article, staying on the theme of algorithmic decision making, Sonia Desmoulin-Canselier and Daniel Le Métayer analyse its implications on the health and legal sectors. In their article titled 'Algorithmic Decision Systems in the Health and Justice Sectors: Certification and Explanations for Algorithms in European and French Law', they propose two complementary means of strengthening the European legal framework by means of 'certification' and 'explanation' in order to enhance trust in algorithmic decision systems.

In the third and final article of the issue, 'Legal consistency after the General Data Protection Regulation and the Police Directive', Bart van der Sloot explores how the General Data Protection Regulation and the Police Directive in the EU will affect a number of other legislative instruments in other areas where an element of data processing is involved. He is sceptical that whilst the adoption of the GDPR and the Police Directive would serve to achieve harmonisation in one field of law, it may result in inconsistencies between the data protection framework and other fields of law.

Finally, James Griffin provides a thorough review of the book ' Media Law and Policy in the Internet Age', edited by Doreen Weisenhaus and Simon Young.

As the year ends, we would like to thank all our contributors and readers for supporting the work of the EJLT throughout this year. Special thanks are due to our reviewers and editors - as a true open access law journal committed to the free and open dissemination of legal scholarship, we rely on their goodwill for ensuring the quality of everything we publish. We welcomed two esteemed colleagues to our editorial board this year - Prof. Abbe Brown of the University of Aberdeen, and Dr. David Erdos of the University of Cambridge. In addition, Laura Hyde of Aston University joined us as our technical editor. I would like to wish all our colleagues and readers a happy and prosperous 2019.

Abhilash Nair

December 2018.