Editorial: BILETA 2015 Conference Special Issue

Catherine Easton [1]

The 2015 British and Irish Law, Education and Technology Association (BILETA) conference was hosted by the University of the West of England, UK and organised by Dr Martina Gillen. It drew together a wide, international delegation of experts in the fields of information technology law, and technology in legal education.

This special issue showcases a range of peer-reviewed articles that span these disciplines. Leiser's work expertly demonstrates the interplay between technology and legal regulation as he evaluates measures to address the practice of "cyberturfing", providing avenues for suggested reforms. Boehm, Hey and Ortner present an in-depth analysis of privacy and employee surveillance from the perspective of German and EU law and regulation. Moving on to the sphere of legal education, Chow's piece outlines empirical work that sheds light on the use of e-learning systems in legal education and calls for a more nuanced, adaptive approach. Finally, Berger and Wild's piece on the use of social media by law schools argues that self-regulatory approaches allow students the flexibility to harness fully the benefits of these systems.

BILETA continues to position itself at the centre of cutting-edge, impactful research into law, technology and education both across the EU and on a wider, international stage. The Association would like to thank the general editors of the journal for their support and expert input during the editing process.

[1] Special issue guest editor and BILETA Chair.