European Journal of Law and Technology


The European Journal of Law and Technology (EJLT) is a REFEREED open access journal focusing on issues of law and technology in a European context.

EJLT was previously published as The Journal of Law, Information and Technology (JILT), which issues are available here.

Vol 9, No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents


Editorial HTML PDF
Abhilash Nair, Paul Maharg, James Griffin

Refereed Articles

Assessing the Impact of Legal Publications Building a Legal Citation Index using Automatic Reference Analysis HTML PDF
Kees (C.) van Noortwijk
Intellectual property licensing tensions: utilising open source software in the formal standard-setting context HTML PDF
Jingze Li


Who can protect Network and Information Security? Fixing the Draft ePrivacy Regulation HTML PDF
Andrew Nicholas Cormack

Book and Related Topics

Book review: 'Medium Law' HTML PDF
David Mangan

ISSN: 2042-115X